Multi Design Group Ltd offers Internships and Job Opportunities:


  • Academic internships are given to university students, some of our interns were from University of Rwanda,
  • Professional internships:  M D Group, offers professional internships to flesh graduates from different universities some of our professional internees are from:
  1.  University Of Rwanda College of Science and Technology (UR/CST)
  2. University Of Rwanda College of Business and Economics (UR/CBE)
  3.  Adventist university of Central Africa (AUCA)
  4.  Others…

Other candidates from other universities are allowed to apply

How to apply ?

Send your CV,Covering letter, Transcripts, ID copy and any other supporting documents via e-mail only selected candidates are contacted via their e-mails.


Job opportunities:

Job opportunities are advertised on our website, I if you are willing to join our team visit regularly the website to see if there is an advertisement for job.