We offer to our diaspora clients who want a trusted company to work on their behalf and ensure their Rwanda based businesses and wealth growth, This package is special to diaspora people living abroad who may also want to build houses of their choice or renovate their current houses, who may want their houses managed by a professional trusted company other than their family members and relatives, who want that their farms an lands be managed by our experienced group, we encourage you to contact us and let us work for your interest with main objective excellently satisfy your needs and stay in a comfortable situation knowing that your properties and businesses are well managed and generating income that you will be monitoring every time on your bank accounts opened in Rwanda, if you need our services do not hesitate to contact us or fill the form bellow for an immediate property inspection.

Conditions and Requirements

  • Valid identification documents.
  • Notarized documentation done by your Embassy, Notary Public

Odering: E-mail: contactus.mdgroup@gmail.com